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Florida Statues Rules &
Regulations Common to All Lines

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I. 13% Florida Statutes, Rules & Regulations Common to All Lines.

A. The Regulation of Florida’s Financial Services

*IA1, [N.A.I.F.A (26.1.1) p. 402]

1. Chief Financial Officer | CFO Jimmy Patronis  

® Independently ELECTED Official à HEAD of the Department of Financial Services  (DFS) à MEMBER of the Financial Services Commission.

1. Financial Services Commission

FSC | Commission 

– Composed of the Governor, CFO, Attorney General & Commissioner of Agriculture à All four of Florida’s elected officials are MEMBERS of the Commission & Governors Cabinet 


– Commission – supervises the Office of Insurance Regulation and the Office of Financial Regulations.


*IA2a, [( p. 402]

a. Office of Financial Regulations 

OFR | Office 

Is responsible for – the regulation of Banks – Other financial institutions. 

Head of the Office = Commissioner

OFR – may investigate – inside and OUTSIDE of Florida

*IA2b, [( p. 402]

a. Office of Insurance Regulations 

OIR | Office


Responsible for – the regulation of INSURERS ONLY 

Head of the Office / OIR     = Commissioner 

(OR) Director


ü Specific duties 

– Issuing insurer Certificates of Authority

· [Identify] NOTE à Issuing Certificates of Authority is the same as fighting against Un-Authorized Entities. 


é [(26.5) p. 411]


*IB, [(26.2) p. 403]


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